Images from Nirvana in Fire 2 Ending Leaked

The last two episodes of Nirvana in Fire 2 are scheduled to be released for VIP members this Monday on China's video on demand platfrom iQiyi. But it seems images from the last two episodes are now available online before the official air date. Check out these images if you would like to be spoiled.

Throughout the drama series, it was foreshadowed many times that our hero, Xiao Pingjing, will likely retire from politics and lead a quiet life in the mountains away from the turbulent ups and downs of the capital city.  His betrothed, Lin Xi, had also outright told him that they would part ways if he remains in politics. As expected, after he completed his final mission, he abandons all the glory and titles to reunite with his lover. The last shot in the drama should be the lovebirds riding off into the horizon to live happily ever after...until the Emperor needs him again. Just Kidding!! Lol.

Novel Ending:

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