Beautiful Illustrations on the Nirvana in Fire Series

Left to Right: Nirvana in Fire 2 Characters- Lin Xi, Xiao Pingjing, Xiao Pingzhang; Nirvana in Fire Characters- Lu Yuan, Xiao Tingsheng, Lin Tan, Mei Changsu

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I posted anything but I just wanted to do a quick post to share these beautiful illustrations drawn by a Chinese netizen. I've always been a fan of the 2015 Nirvana in Fire produced by the former Shandong Television Media Group (now known as Daylight Entertainment). This past year has been quite an uneventful Chinese TV drama landscape for me since I wasn't too absorbed any of the dramas I watched in 2017 except for Three Lives Three Worlds. But finally I have accumulated enough interest to write about the Nirvana in Fire and its newly release sequel Nirvana in Fire: Wind Blows in Changlin or Nirvana in Fire 2.
The two protagonists of two drama series: Lin Shu and Xiao Pingjing
Young Xiao Jingyan, Grand Eunch and Lin Xu
Princess Nihuang, Xiao Jingyan, and Lin Shu

Two Pairs of Brothers: Xiao Jingyan's young son, Xiao Tingsheng, young Xiao Pingjing and teenager Xiao Pingzhang
Background: An elderly Xiao Tingsheng and his grown-up son, Xiao Pingjing. Foreground: Teenager Xiao Pingzhang, baby Xiao Pingjing, and middle-aged Xiao Tingsheng
Mei Changsu, young Xiao Tingsheng, and Xiao Jingyan
Elderly Xiao Tingsheng reminscing his past with his adopted father, Xiao Jingyan, his teacher Mei Changsu, and Fei Liu

Xiao Pingzhang and his baby brother Xiao Pingjing
Xiao Pingjing and Xiao Pingzhang

Xiao Pingzhang and his wife, Meng Qianxue, the grand-niece of Meng Ji.

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