More Lu Zhen and Gao Dan + Ending Speculation

 I feel the main couple in Female Prime Minister greatly resembles the love relationship between Seo Jang  Geum and Min Jung-ho in the sensationally popular Korean drama Dae Jang Geum.  The ever devoted Prince Gao Dan will tirelessly support Lu Zhen in her political rise to become the first female prime minister He will protect/watch her from afar and give her a helping hand when she falls.

What I fear most now is a bad ending! I do not want to watch another tragedy and I just want things to just end in a "happily ever after." I don't care if a happy ending is cliche and unrealistic. I dread having to watch one of the main characters die and the other spends the rest of his/her in solitude.

When I watched the 5-minute MV trailer, I noticed these two shots and my heart just dropped ten thousand feet. What is the meaning of THIS?!

I'm REALLY hoping the above two shots are just misleading and Gao Dan will not die in the drama! He is just sleeping in Lu Zhen's arms in the second shot. Otherwise, I would want to bang my head like this...
I acknowledge that the characters Lu Zhen and Gao Dan in Female Prime Minister are more fiction than fact. Real history is a different story from the fictional TV drama. The historical Gao Dan was a total nutcase and sadomasochist who overindulged in debauchery and sent himself to an early grave at the age of 32. The historical Gao Dan could die an early death because he deserved it! But...Female Male Prime Minister's Gao Dan should be spared from such a deathly fate....

JoleCole chants, "He will not die an early death.. He will not die an early death..."

On a happier note, I'm very excited about a wedding scene between Lu Zhen and Gao Dan. If Gao Dan does end up dead, at least they were  married...I hope they actually consummate their marriage and Lu Zhen can pop out a kid for him! Please do not have some third-wheeler show up to ruin their wedding night...

Photos of the wedding scene...
The wedding scene looks so promising! I think this scene takes place before Gao Dan ascends the throne and before the death of his brother. I actually saw another photo where Gao Yin was at the wedding ceremony, so...what would happen to Lu Zhen when Gao Dan becomes emperor? Another certainty is Lu Zhen won't be his first nor his only wife/concubine... Beware diehard romantics! Gao Dan may give his heart only to Lu Zhen, but his body belongs to several women. We'll be seeing some polygamous relationships unfold...again. Female Prime Minister is filled with love triangles, quadrangles...maybe even an octangle!

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