✿ Chinese Drama ✿ My Sassy Girlfriend/Qianniu's Summer

Mandarin title: Cow's Summer/ My Sassy Girlfriend/ Qian Niu De Xia Tian/牵牛的夏天/ 我的野蛮女友
# Episode: 28
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release date: May 20, 2012     Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Eddie Peng as Jin Qianniu, Zhang Meng as Tong Xiaoxia, Ma Yingjie as Zhang Junyu, Zheng Xiaoxuan as Zhang Lingzhi

Based on the immensely popular Korean movie, My Sassy Girlfriend, this drama follows a similar plot structure with a twist.

Qianniu is just a typical boy. On flight to Shanghai, he meets a superstar named Xiaoxia. She accidentally takes his luggage and then it begins their hilariously funny story... He unexpectedly becomes Xiaoxia's personal assistant and Xiaoxia just couldn't help herself but bullies him.


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