Part I: Specific Scene Speculation for Female Prime Minister (Spoiler Alert)

Someone on the Baidu Forum nicely pieced together some plot details based on a series of random scenes we see in the released official stills, fuzzy BTS photos, and the MV/trailer. I really think she did a wonderful in her interpretation and I agree with her speculation. The speculation is a little long, so I'll split it into two posts.

If you are still unfamiliar with the different characters in this drama, you can refer back to the brief character bio I previously put together HERE.

The Two Brothers' Love Rivalry 
Gao Dan, Gao Yin and Xiao Guanyin all grew up together. Gao Dan and Xiao Guanyin became lovers while a disappointed Gao Yin could only observe them from afar.
Somehow when Gao Yin comes into power and becomes the Emperor, Xiao Guanyin marries him against her wishes. To Gao Yin's shock, she even threatens him with a knife on their wedding night.

After Xiao Guanyin becomes a Royal Consort, she secretly visits Gao Dan's private chamber. I think it's Gao Dan's chamber because he's not properly dressed and Xiao Guanyin initially has a cloak on. I guess she still doesn't want to give up Gao Dan and wants a reconciliation despite her new status as his brother's wife? Somehow Xiao Guanyin falls into Gao Dan's embrace and Gao Yin also just happens to walk in at the same moment to witness his wife's intimacy with his brother.

In his fit of uncontrollable anger/jealousy, Gao Yin tries to throttle Xiao Guanyin while Xiao Guanyin's ladies-in-waiting beg for mercy.

Gao Yin and Xiao Guanyin
Over time as Gao Yin strives tirelessly to win her heart, Xiao Guanyin finally acknowledges Gao Yin's love for her and finally reciprocates his affections.

During some hostile military confrontation, rebel soldiers enter the palace. Gao Yin, Xiao Guanyin, Lu Zhen, and the lady-in-waiting, Wang Xuan, all run for their dear life.

Gao Yin gets shot in his chest and dies. Xiao Guanyin is devastated.
In her shock and grief at Gao Yin's death, Xiao Guanyin goes into labor and delivers a baby boy. She asks Lu Zhen to look over her son. In history, Gao Yin's son never became emperor. I know what happened to Gao Yin's son in history, but I wonder what will happen to this baby boy in the drama?
 She dies too?

Lu Zhen Kneeling in the Snow Incident
Lu Zhen, at one point out of her own volition or some form of punishment, is forced to kneel in the snow for a long period of time. The culprit behind this whole kneeling punishment may be Xiao Guanyin's loyal lady-in-waiting, Wang Xuan.
Since I don't see any falling snow in the background, this is probably a different scene from the snow kneeling scene?

Gao Dan later comes to Lu Zhen's rescue and takes her away from the bone-chilling night cold. Notice the wall in the background is similar to the wall in the above photo? I guess Lu Zhen has been kneeling for at least one whole day.
I'm not certain whether this shot of Gao Dan is related to the whole snow kneeling incident. But it seems like Gao Dan is furious over Lu Zhen's punishment and confronts Xiao Guanyin about it. When he goes to see Xiao Guanyin, it's also snowing heavily outside.
Gao Dan probably tells Xiao Guanyin  to stay away from Lu Zhen and angrily storms off? He's warning her not to give Lu Zhen a difficult time?

It appears our heroine has to endure quite a few tortures... Eww...All of them look utterly PAINFUL. Where on earth is our savior, Prince of Changgong (Gao Dan's princely title), when we need him to save the day?

Gao Dan's Love Rival, Shen Jiayan
I know Lu Zhen will have a whole heck A LOT of love rivals - all vying for Gao Dan's heart. The list goes: Xiao Guanyin, Shen Bi, Shen Jiamin, and maybe even the mentally childish Princess Tongchang.  Yet, we see another member gets added into the picture. But he isn't much of a love threat to Gao Dan. LOL. They seem like good buddies. Maybe Shen Jiayan will end up with Lu Zhen's good friend, Danniang?

The Greatly Anticipated Wedding Scene
Okay, the synopsis and character bio seem to imply that Gao Dan and Lu Zhen don't end up marrying each other because Lu Zhen chooses to devote her life to politics. This "wedding scene" confuses me immensely.  Aforementioned in my previous post, I know the wedding should take place while Gao Yin is still reigning and before Gao Dan becomes emperor. You can see Gao Yin and Xiao Guanyin sitting in the background in the photo below. I PRAY this won't be some lame dream sequence or someone's wild imagination in the drama (as Jadebunny9 pointed out). I want it to actually OCCUR in the storyline.
If this wedding actually exists in the ACTUAL plotline, someone speculates that once Gao Dan becomes emperor, his marriage to Lu Zhen gets annulled or deemed non-existent. Maybe they only married in secrecy and not many knew about the marriage? Gao Dan won't be able to give her any wifely titles because in history, he and Lu Zhen were never married. In fact, they weren't even a couple. She was just his son's wet nurse. According to Chinese dynastic law, women of the inner court are forbidden to get involved in politics. Of courses, there were more than dozen cases in history where women actively participated in politics. So, I'm not quite sure how the writer will twist this aspect of the story.
(Partial Credit to xxyy不说话 from Baidu 女相吧)

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