Jia Qing Shows Promise as A Zhu in the New Demi-God and Semi-Devils

Some of you are probably aware of this upcoming remake of the classic wuxia story Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, starring Wallace Chung, Kim Ki-bum, and Han Dong as the three male leads.  Despite being  open to remakes of my favorite classic wuxia series, I am still very apprehensive of miscast and poor adaptations - think Yu Zheng's Swordsman. However, there are still some very successful remakes. I always want to see new "good" interpretations and upgraded visual arts of some classic stories.

The new Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils shows some promise in the casting decisions of a few female characters, such as A'zhu, A'zi, Madam Ma, and some minor characters. Unfortunately, the fact that this remake is produced by the same people who made Tian Ya Mng Yue Dao and cumbersomely bland costumes are keeping my expectations low.

Wallace Chung as the Beggar Sect Leader, Qiao Feng

Qiao Feng becomes Xiao Feng after he assumes his Kitan nationality and reconnects with his roots
Though I don't dislike Wallace Chung (nor do love him), I find his acting style, aura and looks unsuitable for the raw masculinity and reluctant heroism required for the character of Qiao Feng. But hey, they could have cast someone much worst. As for Qiao Feng's love interest, A'zhu, I am quite happy with the casting decision. I was even happier when I found out that the same actress would also portray the evil younger sister, A'zi. In the original story, I always felt the love story between Qiao Feng and A'zhu was too short and tragically truncated with A Zhu's death. Now with the same actress portraying two different characters, I can pretend A'zi is the evil reincarnation of A'zhu. Just kidding!!

Qiao Feng, the Beggar Sect Leader who turned into a Kitan nobility, and his beloved A'zhu are two of the most endearing Louis Cha's wuxia couple and definitely my favorite characters in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. I actually really dislike the other male lead, Duan Yu, and his annoying infatuation with the beautifully stony,Wang Yuyan. Hopefully, Qiao Feng and A'zi's storyarc will keep me entertained after A'zhu is gone.
The kind and intelligent A'zhu

A'zhu dressed as a man
Qiao Feng and A'zi at the Kitan Royal Encampment
Meeting with the Kitan King
Another portrayal I'm looking forward to watch - the maliciously narcissistic Madam Ma, played by Zhang Qingyu.

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