Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying to reunite in cameo roles for Return of the Condor Heroes

The cameo role of Yang Kang, the troubled father of male protagonist Yang Guo, was originally given to mainland Chinese actor Li Chen (Beijing Love Story) in Return of the Condor Heroes. Due to Li Chen's recent and bitter breakup with actress, Viann Zhang, who is playing Li Mochou, he supposedly resigned from the production to avoid further association with his ex-girlfriend. Consequently, the roles of both father and son have fallen on Chen Xiao's shoulders. Chen Xiao is absolutely PERFECT as Yang Kang. I feel he may do a better job playing Yang Kang than Yang Guo. Since we already know that Zhao Liying is slated to play Yang Guo's mother, Mu Nianci, can I scream "HECK YAY!"? Once again, I will get to see this beloved onscreen couples together and this time they get to play one of my favorite wuxia couplings!

This news definitely brightens up the rather dismal start of this production. I would love to see Chen Xiao abandons his hideous hooligan Yang Guo's costumes and dress in Jin princely robes as the beleaguered Yang Kang. Mu Nianci and Yang Kang have always been a wuxia couple that greatly interest me. I just love the good girl and bad boy combo in storytelling. I previously had great hopes and expectations for Yuan Hong and Liu Shishi's portrayal of this famous wuxia couple in 2008 Legend of the Condor Heroes.Sadly, the disappointing script failed to deliver a convincing story. To this day, the 1983 version of Yang Kang portrayed by veteran TVB actor, Michael Miu, is still arguably the best Yang Kang ever to grace the TV screen. Fortunately, Chen Xiao possesses those charismatic bad boy vibes and can play those hateful characters that manage to capture the audience's heart. Now I just pray Yu Zheng and directors will add A LOT of screen time for them!

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