More racy hot spring photos from Sound of the Desert

There is not much to report about Sound of the Desert. The newest bit of info is quite generic and doesn't mean much. All I know is Sound of the Desert will likely broadcast this year. When this year? No idea. What channel? A local provincial channel. This means not everyone in China will have access to the broadcast of the drama, and consequently translates to less sources for downloads and streaming. 

However, there is one small goodie amid all the less than positive news. Check out the following steamy photos of Wei Wuji and Xinyue. When I first saw these photos, I just wanted to scream "My eyes! My eyes!" It's quite rare to see characters in an ancient drama series to act so provocatively. It's even rarer to see Liu Shi Shi to bare skin in drama series (although I see her bare shoulders quite a few times during red carpet events). Let's just hope the hot spring scene makes to the final cut. Anyway, enjoy!

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