Wallace Huo joins Yang Zi in a promotional photoshoot for Battle of Changsha

I'm OTP obsessed again! I can't help but drown myself in the coupling of Wallace Huo and Yang Zi in Battle of Changsha. I absolutely fell in love with their portrayal as Gu Qingming and Hu Xiang Xiang, and adore their cute and bickering relationship. Despite their 13-year age gap, Wallace Huo and Yang Zi do not exhibit any awkward generational gap onscreen.

In the past, I have seen Wallace Huo act quite reserved to his co-stars. Even with Tang Yan during the Chinese Paladin 3 promotion, he was pretty aloof. For these reasons, I initially thought he would not warm up to Yang Zi due to their generational gap and lack of common background. Surprisingly, these two seem to share a lot of rapport on-screen and off-screen. Yang Zi is the first actress born in the post-90s that Wallace Huo collaborated with. Through Yang Zi, he also learned what younger people think nowadays and she helped dispel some of the negative stereotypes often associated with post-90s Chinese kids. It is also this rapport that gets naturally transmitted onscreen in Battle of Changsha.

Netizens has lovingly coined Wallace Huo and Yang Zi as "Mr. and Mrs. Gu." Maybe I'm just insanely biased because I find Wallace Huo's photoshoot with Yangzi much more soothing to the eyes than the promotional photoshoot he did with Yuan Shan Shan for The Swordman. You can find Yuan Shan Shan/Wallace Huo magazine spread here.

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