William Chan and Shu Chang's pairing in Legend of Fragrance + Teaser

I am getting more and more excited about William Chan and Shu Chang pairing in Legend of Fragrance. As mentioned in my previous post, Shu Chang plays a young Japanese lady named "Keiko" or Huizi in Chinese romanization while William Chan is An Yichen, a Chinese doctor/inspector with a family vendetta. Although I have a penchant for poignant tormented love stories, I dread tragic endings and try to avoid them like how I avoid cockroaches.  But somehow the onscreen chemistry of the secondary lead couple in this Republican-era drama convinced me to hop on their sinking ship boat. And I'm not alone. Chinese netizens are quickly jumping on this sinking boat with me due to William Chan and Shu Chang's unexpected onscreen chemistry. The musical score (from the same composer who created Chinese Paladin 1 and 3) I'm hearing so far definitely enhances their pending tragedy and heartache. My gut feeling tells me that William Chan and Shu Chang's performance may outshine the main lead couple and steal the viewers' hearts. Based on the promotional materials released so far, expect to see the following unfold between to see guy save girl's life, girl chases after guy, drunken one-night stand, pregnancy, miscarriage, misunderstanding, etc.

The drama begins three years after the Huizi and An Yichen's first meeting. These two unlikely individuals first met in Tokyo while An Yichen was a student in Japan. They reunite in China and Huizi begins her relentless pursuit of An Yichen. Unfortunately, An Yichen is already in love with his foster father's daughter...


This onscreen couple just look deliciously good together. The pairing of William Chan and Shu Chang is one of those rare onscreen collaboration where the physical appearance of the actors formulates some magical powers to make you glue your eyes to them. The .gif below prove my point. I sincerely hope they work together again in the future as the main lead couple in a well-scripted drama.

**And a word of caution for those like me who have a very bad habit of shipping reel couple to real couple, William Chan is a taken man. The real ship sank before it even went sailing, but the reel ship can never sink. LOL.

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