Current Drama Fave: Go Princess Go

Hey all! I just want to drop by quickly to recommend a new drama called Go Princess Go, which was produced entirely for web broadcasting. There is not much "wow" factor in this little drama besides some very hilarious lines and an attractive cast. If you like to watch lighthearted, brainless romantic comedy without having to think too much, I highly recommend this series. There are certainly huge plot holes, bloopers, exaggerated acting, weird costumes, cheap props, but somehow the OTP of the story compensates for many flaws of the production, which suffers from extreme shortage of funds.

It's been awhile since I've been passionate about a series. Just wanted to take this opportunity to share my new-found interest with you all.

The story follows the time-traveling adventures and tribulations of Zhang Peng, a modern-day womanizer, whose spirit/soul get transferred back into time. In fact, he gets send back into a body of a young woman, who also happens to be the Crown Princess - Zhang Peng Peng.  Unlike past time-traveling dramas like Gong and Bu Bu Jing Xin, our main girl has the soul and spirit of a heterosexual male. The Crown Princess Zhang Peng Peng is no longer interested in capturing the affections of her husband, Crown Prince Qi Hao, but shifted her attention to the women in his harem. From this premise, we're bound to see some crazy plot devices and hysterically funny scenes.

In short, the story begins with spiritually changed Zhang Peng Peng waking up from a drowning incident with only the memory of the modern time Zhang Peng. In this new ancient world, the newly awakened Zhang Peng Peng learns she is married to the Crown Prince Qi Hao who despises her and is in love with his sister-in-law, Jiang Yingyue. The new Zhang Peng Peng doesn't give a damn about the love life of her husband and would gladly give him away to other women.  Her attention is focused on surviving in the palace, keeping her husband away from her bed, and drooling over the countless beautiful women in the royal harem.

Ironically, the Crown Prince becomes more intrigued by the transformation of Zhang Peng Peng. He gradually starts to fall for his wife, but is extremely frustrated by her lack of jealousy when she sees him with other women. As the drama progresses, we get the see Zhang Peng Peng's feminization and the Crown Prince's growing love for her.

Official Theme Song:

You can stream this series on Maplestage in Mandarin (sorry no English subtitles available):

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