Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying attend the Shanghai Film Festival with the Cast of The Palace

Any Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying shippers? I have new photo goodies for you! To promote their upcoming summer movie The Palace, our lovely onscreen couple participated in the highly publicized red carpet event in Shanghai yesterday along with Producer Yu Zheng and their co-stars Zhou Dongyu and Zhu Zixiao. Being newbies in the film industry, Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying both looked a little tense under the intense media scrutiny.

Left to Right: Director Pan Anzi (潘安子), Actor Bao Bei'er (包贝儿), Actor Zhu Zixiao (朱梓骁), Producer Yu Zheng (于正), Actress Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨), Film Producer Du Yang (杜扬), Actress  Zhao Liying (赵丽颖), and Actor Chen Xiao (陈晓

Ironically, Chen Xiao did not walk the red carpet hand in hand with his female lead and OTP in the The Palace, Zhou Dongyu, but with the second female lead, Zhao Liying. In terms of fame and recognition, Zhou Dongyu's name is more well-known in the film industry. She was handpicked by the famous Chinese film and 2008 Beijing Olympic Director Zhang Yimou to star in Under the Hawthorn Tree. Chen Xiao's actions, whether purposely arranged by The Palace production company to grab media headlines or out of his own volition, caused quite a stir among their fans. The norm is for the male lead to pair up with the female lead you are supposed to promote the movie on the red carpet! I believe Zhao Liying's evil character in Gong is also in love with Zhu Xixiao's villainous 9th Prince. Surprisingly, this expected norm got thrown out the window at this event. LOL. In my personal opinion, I think Chen Xiao and Zhou Dongyu ended up not walking hand in hand for another unknown reason. Accordingly to some showbiz insiders, Zhou Dongyu is seen as being on a much higher pedestal than the rest of the cast. She deserves to have the "spotlight" alone.

Chen Xiao looked pissed off at the world in these photos. LOL.

You can briefly watch their red carpet walk here:

Youku Interview

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