Honeymoon phase for Zhu Qiyu and Tan Yunxian pairing is ending in Imperial Doctress + Beautiful MV

According to the scriptwriter of Imperial Doctress, Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo's characters are the OTP of the story. The role of Zhu Qiyu is just a plot device to achieve the end results she wants, which to me is quite unfortunate. Zhu Qiyu's evil transformation would provide the platform that the scriptwriter needed to justify the love relationship between Zhu Qizhen and Yunxian. Zhu Qizhen was written to be Yunxian's soulmate and confidante. He also gives her unconditional support in everything she does. On the other spectrum, Zhu Qiyu is destined to be her first love, husband, and father of her child as well as a major obstacle in her medicine career. I guess the writer is trying to convey the message that first love is not always good husband material. Love is not the only ingredient you need to a happy marriage. So be careful with whom you choose to fall in love! LOL.

Zhu Qiyu and Yunxian are in love with each other in the beginning, but slowly their environment, mistrust, personal differences and priorities start to tear their relationship apart. Starting tomorrow's episode, Zhu Qiyu and Tan Yunxian's relationship will head downhill to make way for Yunxian and Qizhen's relationship. I even heard that Yunxian married Qiyu to save Qizhen. When Qiyu learns that Yunxian seems to care more about Qizhen than him, he goes berserk with jealousy and rage. In an interview with Huang Xuan, he reveals that the most challenging aspect of filming for him was slapping Liu Shi Shi several times. He never used force on a girl before so he found that experience to be quite foreign and the scene rather difficult to execute. No wonder Huang Xuan jokingly said that Zhu Qiyu is going to garner so much hate from fans that he doesn't want to check his microblog when the drama airs.

Zhu Qiyu and Yunxian shippers, be prepared for some really hard angst and friction between our beloved characters. Even though the direction of the love story is not going the way I wanted, at least I can find comfort in the fact that Qiyu doesn't waver his love for Yunxian and Yunxian still cares about him. He may be selfish, patriarchal, and failed to give Yunxian the necessary support she needs, his character is not without pity. He is a product of his era's ideology and environment. If he wasn't put on the throne, didn't have such a selfish mother, and if his brother wasn't also in love with Yunxian, maybe his insecurities and his dark side would have never surfaced.

Zhu Qiyu and Yunxian enjoy a brief moment of peace as they awaits the arrival of their unborn child. 

A very symbolic photo that shows Yunxian and Qiyu drifting apart. At this time, she has already become his concubine. But her insistence in creating a medical bureau staffed with women practicing medicine infuriated the conservative officials at her husband's court. Qiyu gives in the political pressure and wants Yunxian to become the obedient wife that stays within the confines of her courtyard. He also wants to promote her to become his empress but her radical behavior is earning her a lot of hatred at court. 

Fanmade MV that matches the mood and tone of the drama more than the official MVs.

I really wish the story stays this way! LOL.

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