Huang Xuan looks dashing in Les Interprètes with Yang Mi

After watching Imperial Doctress, I've grown very fond of Huang Xuan as an actor. I just find his acting to be infectious. At first sight, Huang Xuan is no eye-catching candy like Wallace Huo. It actually took me awhile to give him a chance because my superficial eyes always get disattracted by other pretty things. Huang Xuan is definitely not a newbie in showbiz and has starred in famous dramas like Legend of Mi Yue. His upcoming modern drama with Yang Mi, Les Interprètes, may be his next breakthrough role when the drama airs on Hunan TV this year.

Les Interprètes, like its name suggests, is based on a popular Chinese romance novel chronicling the ups and downs of professional Chinese/French interpreters. It is another Cinderella story about a poor girl and rich boy from a prominent political family. I heard the drama made some significant changes to the original novel by deleting all of the sexual components and "bad influences" deemed inappropriate by the Chinese Censorship Bureau. In the original story, Qiao Fei (female protagonist) is poor college student aspiring to become a professional French interpreter. She works at a night club to support herself and her parents who are either deaf or mute. But then she eventually give into the pressure of her environment and made a sexual transaction with the male protagonist, Cheng Jiayang. Her less than glorious past as working as Cheng Jiayang's call girl doesn't bode well with Cheng Jiayang's parents. And then melodrama unfolds against the backdrop of professional interpreters in the political arena (something like the United Nations).

I didn't read the novel so I couldn't provide many details. However, the drama adaption cleaned out Qiao Fei's background as well as her relationship with Cheng Jia Yang. They are now intern and mentor with a tumultuous relationship.


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