Episode 3 & 4 Synopsis of Battle of Changsha

Episode 3:
Gu Qingming holds a  public meeting to educate the city residents about the destructive power of shelling and where to take coverage during Japanese aerial bombing. He wants everyone to be conscious of he fact that no concrete or mud walls could protect their life under the Japanese artillery. City residents need to unite and coordinate under a common threat of Japanese invasion. After the public workshop, Xiang Xiang finally realizes the severity of her actions and she genuinely apologizes for her foolish behavior.

Xue Junshan acknowledges that the incompatibility of Gu Qingming and Xiang Xiang and asks Xiang Xiang's father to find another marriage partner for his daughter. They found the wealthy merchant family, the Sheng clan. During the matchmaking session, Xiang Xiang pretends to have Leprosy to scare away her prospective in-laws. To Xiang Xiang's utter dismay, her prospective husband (Sheng Chengzhi) is quickly smitten by her charms and declares his desire to marry her.

Xiao Man runs into his cousins, Hu Xiaoqiu and Hu Xiangshui, arriving from the Hu clan's compound in Xiangtan. Xiangshui was sent by the elderly patriarch of the Hu clan (Xiao Man and Xiang Xiang's paternal great-uncle) to fetch the Hu family in Changsha back to Xiangtan. But a rife has always existed between the elderly Mr. Hu and his sister-in-law, Grandma Hu. She bluntly refuses to move with her family back to Xiangtan.

Episode 4:
Xiangshui is looking for his older brother who enlisted in the Nationalist army. Because he does not know his brother's whereabouts, Xiangshui along with Xiang Xiang, Xiao Man, and Sheng Chengzhi could only call out his name outside the walls of the training camp in the hope he would be able to hear them.

As they wonder into the restricted training grounds, they accidentally get grenades thrown at them and barely escape death. Lieutenant Zhang arrests them for trespassing. Xiao Man eventually resorts to using Gu Qingming's connection to get out of their predicament. Under Gu Qingming's guaranty, the four young adults gets released and find out from Gu Qingming that Xiangshui's brother, Hu Xiangning, had already left for combat with the Japanese.

Xiang Xiang informs Xiao Man that his dream girl, Jin Feng, has just arrived in Changsha. Xiao Man seizes the opportunity to propose to her, but gets coldly greeted by the news of Jin Feng's entire family massare under the bayonets of the Japanese soldiers. She solemnly swears that she will never marry if she cannot evict the Japanese from her homeland.

While visiting a military hopsital, Xiang Xiang sees a wounded soldier trying to kill himself because the hospital lacks inadequate medical supply to threat him. The other wounded soldiers angrily surrounds Jin Feng over this matter. Xiang Xiang uses the situation and directs the escalating anger at Gu Qingming, who has just arrived at the hospital. The hospital desperately needs sulfonamide. Xiang Xiang went all over the city in search of the drug but still could not locate any available supply. Later, Gu Qingming forces the chief supplier to yield some to Xiang Xiang.

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