Episode 5 & 6 Synopsis for Battle of Changsha

Episode 5:
Liu Minghan, Xiang Xiang's elder cousin, gets arrested by Changsha's local police forces on suspicions of being a national traitor. He was once a former student a Japanese medical school. Although Xue Junshan acts as if he tries his best to help Liu Minghan, he is actually the mastermind behind Liu Minghan's arrest. He convinces his boss to frame Liu Minghan for embezzling the military resources. When Xiangjun visits him in jail, Liu Minghan reveals to her Xun Junshun's malicious intent to wrong him .

The security forces tortures Liu Minghan to get his guilty confession. As they battered the subconscious Liu Minghan, a group of mysterious soldiers comes take him away. He ends up at a hospital where his former mentor awaits him.

A division commander of the Nationalist army is currently in critical conditions after a bitter battle with the Japanese army. Being acompolished doctor, Liu Minghan is tasked with saving his life as well as his wounded limbs. The operation is successful. To thank Liu Minghan for saving his life, the division commander releses Liu Minghan from jail and acquits him of his alleged crimes.

Xue Junshan continues his black market dealings to earn some extra cash. He illegally uses the army trucks to transport goods for rich merchants out of Changsha and charges exorbitant fees for the service. When the military vehicles becomes too small for his operation, he sets his eyes on the military freight train. To solicit the cooperation of the rail chief, Xue Junshan spread words that Gu Qingming is his sister-in-law's future husband.

Episode 6:
Chief Huang of the Rail Operation exposes Xue Junshan's illegal dealings to Gu Qingming when he decides to bribe Gu Qingming using the money he received from Xue Junshan's secretive operation. To Gu Qingmring's distain, he further learns of Xue Junshan's use of his good name to carry out his illicit operation.

Gu Qingming and his men arrest Xue Junshan for his illega train operation. They transfer him over to his superior, Xu Chuan, for a full conviction. Since Xu Chuan also took part in the cohort operation, Xue Junshan only needs to stay in jail before he is released.

Gu Qingming decides to speak with Chairman Zhang about some important matter when officers stationed outside of the Chairman's office turn him away. He notices an unusual presence of high-ranking officials and military officers gathering at the Chairman's office and decides to sneak into compound. He overhears the Nationalist government's plan to implement the sorched earth policy on the City of Changsha to deter the forthcoming Japanese invasion of the ancient city. Gu Qingming is absolutely furious. He could not believe the ancient city of Changsha would get destroyed under its own people's hands.

Xiao Man wants to travel to his ancestor hometown of Xiangtan to inherit his great-uncle's wealthy holdings. He decides to run away home when grandmother bluntly rejects his plan.  Along his journey back to Xiangtan, Xiao Man loses all of his money and runs to Gu Qingming at the homeless shelter. He begs Gu Qingming to help him join the army. 

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