Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi to collaborate again for Imperial Doctress

This may not be much of news, but apparently Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi are pairing up again after Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei three years ago in upcoming bioepic Imperial Doctress. For happy ending lovers, I highly doubt this story will end happily for fans shipping Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi together in this drama...unless they make substantial tweaks to the history. The writer (Zheng Wei) behind this production is the same person who scripted Female Prime Minister, later known as Legend of Lu Zhen.

Wallace Huo is going to try something new in his career again. He will be playing the sixth Ming Dynasty Emperor Yingzong, Zhu Qizhen, who died at the age 36. He first reigned as a eight year old boy, got captured by the Mongols age 22, survived seven years of house arrest under his brother's reign, and later ruled as Emperor Tianshun when he was released from his imprisonment. His life was quite tumultuous. But many Ming emperors led some pretty crazy lives!

Liu Shi Shi will play Tan Yunxian, one of the four famous Chinese female doctors whose writings and records survived the test of time and became known in history. She was born into a family of renowned doctors. Her grand father was doctor for the judicial branch of the imperial government, her grandmother was also renown for her knowledge in medicine. Unlike the women of her times, Tan Yunxian was well-educated and allowed to study her family profession. She later married man surname Yang and bore three daughters and one son.

Against this historical framework, I don't know how a love story will fit between Wallace Huo's Ming Dynasty Emperor and Liu Shi Shi's imperial doctress. They probably never even met in history because Zhu Qizhen died in 1464 when Tan Yunxian was only a three-year old. But hey, if the writer could make the ridiculously brutish Gao Zhan into Prince Charming and fall in love with Lu Zhen in Legend of Lu Zhen, anything can happen!

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