Legend of Moon and Star to air soon?

After two years of being shoved under the carpet, Legend of Moon and Star, or better known as Da Mao Yao, may be seeing some daylight! An executive from Hunan TV just announced on weibo that Legend of Moon and Star will be broadcast following the Li Yifeng and Yang Mi's Legend of Ancient Swords (Gu Jian Qi Tan) on its "Diamond Timeslot" starting at 10 p.m. Beijing time. The long awaited release date is scheduled to be October 8, 2014.

This means the drama will only air two days per week, Wednesday and Thursday. The number of episodes to air per day is still unclear to me. If Hunan TV plans to follow its previous scheduling for Legend of Ancient Swords, expect to watch only four episodes per week.

If you have already forgotten about this drama, here's the official MV to help revive your memory. 

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