Nirvana in Fire Official Teasers +Trailer+ Music Video

A producer of Shandong Film and TV Group once labeled the story of Nirvana in Fire as the Chinese version of the revenge novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Although I am familiar with the story of this French novel and even attended the play adaptation, my brick head never made the connection between these two works. Now that the analogy is made, I can totally see the similarities!

My initial impression of Nirvana in Fire is a fictitious but very telling account of imperial power struggle in dynastic China. Brother is pited against brother. Father is pited against son. Yet among all the intense rivalries and breakdown of familial bond, a strong sense of brotherhood can still exist. It is this brotherhood between the two male leads that captivated me.

I heard that some naysayers actually dubbed the original novel of Nirvana in Fire as the ancient period edition of Brokeback Mountain due to the male protagonist's almighty attraction and ability to grab the loyalty of many pretty men. LOL. The lack of boy/girl romance in the story also does not help the creeping accusation of promoting boy/boy romance. But I have much faith and trust in Shandong Film and TV Group to clean out the tarnishing innuendos in the original and orient the audience's attention into "proper" territory. For this reason, drama adaptation of Nirvana in Fire expanded the roles some female characters - including a screen appearance of Prince Jing's future wife.

This production company has a good history of making drama screenplay adapted from original work better than the original writing itself. The scriptwriter for Nirvana in Fire is actually the original author herself, Hai Yan. I heard she had to revised the script many times to satisfy the production team, but 'm fairly confidant she will remain faithful to her own work.  .

Music Video featuring an unofficial theme song of Nirvana in Fire 《赤血长殷》. I believe this song has been selected by producers to be reproduced for the main theme and ultimately sang by Hu Ge and several main leads .

First Promotional Clip (rough cut)

4-Minute Long Official Teaser

23-Minute Official Trailer

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