Monday, August 25, 2014

Yun Zhong Ge Offiical Theme Song - Si Luo

If you only watch this official MV of Yun Zhong Ge without knowing much about the story, you will be seriously misled by its contents. The entire MV is compilation of random scenes that do not accurately depict the story. Liu Bingyi played by Chen Xiao seems to be torn by three women in the series: Yun Ge, Huo Chengjun, and Xu Pingjun. Although he is linked with all three women in the series, but his relationship with Yun Ge is not nearing the level of romance the MV seems to imply.

Despite the haphazard scene cuts of this MV, I really like this song. It's sang by the same singer who sang the main theme for Legend of Lu Zhen, Li Yu Chun.

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