Beauties Without Tears/In Love with Power Trailer is OUT!

Apparently the official English name for Beauties without Tears is "In Love with Power" and they changed the Chinese name as well. Henceforth, I'll just use the official English name to refer to this TV series.


My first reaction to the 8-minute trailer is SO MELODRAMATIC! It's so dramatic that I feel like some scenes are overacted and come off as forceful. Yuan Shanshan's Dayu'er still looks boring as ever. Her character is too Mary Sue-ish for my liking. The rest of the characters, both good and bad, look pretty interesting. No one seems completely innocent or good...except for Yuan Shanshan...again.  Anyway, I'm still dying to know how Hong Taiji and Hailanzhu's story will play out. It seems Hong Taiji is pretty ruthless in his tactics to have Hailanzhu. To Hailanzhu's horrors, he even orders his soldiers to kill her first love, Zhuolin?

There also some raunchy scenes for Chinese TV drama standards. I saw Prince Dorgon on top of Dayu'er and Hong Taiji on top of Hailanzhu. I wonder what happened there?!!

P.S. Don't expect the voices you hear in this trailer to be the final voices we hear in the actual series. The voice actors haven't really started their dubbing work yet. I think only Hawick's voice is dubbed in this trailer.

Summary of Trailer (no particular order)

  • Hailanzhu is the daughter of a low-born woman and the chieftain of a prominent Mongol tribe. She doesn't get to enjoy any of the privileges and status that her half-sister, Dayu'er, are bestow upon birth. She is considered a "slave" girl in the tribe.
  • Hailanzhu and Dayu'er are good sisters despite the antagonism shared by their mothers. Hailanzhu gets beaten with a whip when Dayu'er's mother found out she wore Dayu'er's noble robes and caught the attention of Jin nation's princes (former name of Qing Dynasty before they conquered China).
  • Dayu'er is absolutely in love with Hong Taiji who saves her several times. 
  • Dayu'er catches Hong Taiji and Hailanzhu in bed together and cries her heart out when she found out about her sister's betrayal
  • Hailanzhu's first love, Zhuolin goes missing in war. She thinks she's cursed and brought the bad omen upon her first love.
  • Dayu'er's mother orders Hailanzhu to be burn at the stake. Dayu'er runs off to find someone "powerful" to save her sister. 
  • Prince Dorgon marries Dayu'er's little sister, Xiaoyu'er, for Dayu'er's sake
  • Hailanzhu goes berserk when she found out that Hong Taiji orders the death of her first love. She screams "Why did you kill him?!" Hong Taiji answers, "Because I don't want the woman I love most to leave me!"
  • Hailanzhu dresses up in  black bird costumes to seduce Hong Taiji. She returns to seek revenge.
  • Hong Taiji forces himself on Hailanzhu after she finishes her bath. 
  • Prince Dorgon forces himself on Dayu'er in some hut.
  • Prince Dorgon wants Dayu'er to face the truth about Hong Taiji not loving her. 
  • Dayu'er's mother stabs Hailanzhu's mother
  • Zhezhe, Dayu'er's aunt, warns her not to trust Hailanzhu too much. Something has changed about her. 
  • Dayu'er's mother, who's dressed in white, purposely insults Hailanzhu's mother and struggles with heavily pregnant Hailanzhu to make it seem like she pushes her off the fortified wall in front of Hong Taiji and Dayu'er.
Please let me know what your impressions/reactions are to the trailer. I'm really curious!

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