Character Quote of Beauties without Tears

Yu Zheng, the famous producer of Gong and a ton of other popular TV series, just posted a series of photos on his blog and tagged some cryptic monologue along with each photo. This TV series is expected to air this coming July.

Hailanzhu -- Zhuolin, Zhuolin! Everything of our past is clearly imprinted in my heart. No matter how well he treats me, it will never erode my determination to love you

Hong Taiji-- I gave up the mountains and rivers. I gave up land and water bodies. I only wanted you. She's still physically by my side, yet happiness is so far away...
Hailanzhu --You can wipe away my tears. You can heal my wounds. But you will never know the hidden voice at the bottom of my heart -- it's not that I don't love you. It's because I cannot love you. Do you understand?
Zhezhe -- He never understood me. If he understood, how could he hurt me again and again, and pushed me into the midst of the icy cold?
Dayu'er -- Human will never understand: do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire. He disappointed me. Yet I also disappointed another "him."
Prince Dorgon -- I came, not to possess you, but to protect you. If you are well, then it's another bright day for me. If you are hurt, then it's like chilly blizzard in the midst of June.
Dayu'er and Prince Dorgon
I swear I will never fail you in our love, but can you guarantee that you won't fail in our love?

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