Painted Skin: To Love Without Regrets (TV Series) Official Stills

The Princess and Military Officer of White City
In case anyone is still interested in the TV adaption (produced by Ruby Lin) of the popular Painted Skin movie , the shooting has been going smoothly and should wrap up next month. I'm not quite sure about the official broadcast date, but you can look at look at these official stills and judge for yourself if you're interested in watching it in the future.

As for me, Hawick Lau and Ying'er in period costumes look soo BLEH to me and I'm more excited about Mao Zijun's demon slayer character. I feel both Ying'er and Hawick look better in modern clothes and the storyline of switching faces in this TV drama is a major turnoff for me. I hate stories where characters "exchange' faces. And a warning to fans of Ying'er/Hawick onscreen pairing, I have bad news for you all since I highly doubt they are the official OTP.  Hawick Lau's character, Wang Ying, is supposed to fall genuinely falls in love with Bai Bing's fox demon, Xiao Wei...I think...
Two demon sisters
The fox demon, Xiao Wei, and human general, Wang Ying. The OTP?
Princess Jing of White City dressed in male robes
Fox Demon, Xiao Wei
Izz Tsui as Xiao Yang. I think he plays a royalty.
Hawick Lau as Wang Ying, military guardian of White City
Xiao Wei, the fox demon
Cai Que, a parakeet demon
Xiao Zhenyu as Zheng Jie, Governor of the Western Territories
Zheng Jie and Princess Jing
I have no idea what character she plays
Mao Zijun as the demon slayer, Pang Lang

Xia Bing, Pang Lang's cold martial art sister
Veteran actress Wang Lin probably has a small guest starring role
Here's an "unofficial" GIF of Hawick and Ying'er...

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