[Translation] Chaper 3(3) Sealed with a Kiss Novel

This part of the novel differs from the drama. In the drama, Mo Shaoqian just put Tong Xue to bed and spent the rest of the night in her room contemplating about their relationship. In the novel, he...ahem...has other intentions. It's implied that Mo Shaoqian actually has intercourse with a drunken Tong Xue, even though she doesn't remember much of it the next morning.

I seem to be choking on my sobs. Tonight, I caused him to lose face. Even though he did not scold at me, I know it. I only fear now because I can’t afford face the consequences of his wrath. Being in such rotten mood, I let myself go and behaved without reservation. In this peaceful tranquility of the night, his eyes terrify me. I put out my arms to wrap around his neck. I can hear myself say, almost inaudibly, “Don’t leave me…”

He doesn't answer me, but only ruthlessly increases his force. I almost cry out in pain.

This animal!

Before he could finish his business with me, I fell asleep again.

I didn’t wake up again till the next morning. All the windows curtains are tightly pulled together. Everything sits in absolute silence. A thin line of light becomes only visible below the drapery of the walled window. As I turn over, the cold satin comforter almost slips off my shoulder. I only feel exhaustion and lethargy from my hangover, lacking the energy to even move a muscle.

Not a single trace of Mo Shaoqian is left on the bed. The pillow next to me seems untouched without a line of crease.  I guess everything that happened last night was just a dream or perhaps I was hallucinating after too much alcohol. I lie in bed for a little longer and finally manage to grope for my wrist watch on the dresser. It’s already 7 am.

I got out of bed to brush and wash, then went down stairs to face the emptiness of the house. Only a few house cleaning staff were present to greet me with their professional smile. “Good morning, Miss.”

I stretch upward on my toes to look in the direction of the flower house. The house cleaning staff immediately understood my intention and said to me, “Mr. Mo left this morning. The chauffeur sent him off to the airport.”

Mo Shaoqian left. When I heard these words, I felt the tight strain on my body loosen up. I change my clothes and happily head off to school.

In the morning, I only have two classes and planned to go back to my dorm room to sleep after my classes. But Yueying unyieldingly insisted that I accompany her to go somewhere.
“It’s nice and bright outside, why are you wasting it on sleep? Come on! Go with me to the basketball court.  Today, they’re selecting the contestants for the College RoboCup over there.”

“What’s so great about watching robots?”

Staring at Yueying’s glowing eyes, I know she’s fallen head over heels over someone again. Instantly she said, “Mu Zhenfei! Mu Zhefei is coming!”

Thanks to Yueying, I’m well aware of all the great details surrounding Mu Zhenfei. He’s practically invincible with a record breaking history. From his coup d’etat to his efficient rallying of people to his revolt against the teaching assistant, and finally his appointment by the school, I’ve heard every incident one by one. This truly demonstrates the extent of his fame and the intense fervor of his fans…Supposedly, during the annual recruitment of new students at our neighbor school, he would just have to sit at the student association meeting and the list of new enrollments becomes unprecedentedly high. For a famously rational and tediously boring university of science and technology, it’s rare to see such a ruckus.

Every single time his name is mentioned, Yueying would sigh in long and short breaths, “Our neighbor school has been established for over a 100 years already with an impressive number of famously talented people.  But it’s hateful that all of them were born too early and I couldn’t catch up in time to take a peek at them before they left. The fact that I can live in the same era as Mu Zhenfei brings such exhilarating happiness…”
She ended her sentence in mushy note and a standard Taiwanese accent, which sent shivers down my spine.

The fact that she can see Mu Zhenfei in person today will probably make her so ecstatic that she won’t be able to sleep tonight.

The moment I saw Mu Zhenfei, he wasn’t what I expected. I wasn’t not shocked by the grandstand across from us where a pack of pretty girls waving their colorful poms poms in absolute delight nor by the fact that the scene resembled the cheerleading team of Kaede Rukawa (in Slam Dunk). All they were missing was some flashy red heart signs with “I love you” written everywhere.
I am actually quite shocked by how handsomely perfect our fellow Mu Zhenfei looks. I always knew Yueying tended to judge people based on looks. But I never expected the legendary arrogant and ostentatious Mu Zhenfei to be just a youthful boy with pinkish red lips and gleaming white teeth. When he smiles, his dimples surface and his face brighten up like the sun.

One should never judge another solely on looks, even a pretty boy can become formidable figure in this era.

When he stands at the center of the court, the attention he attracts and his aura of dominance really have no limits. As described in Wuxia novels, he has the class and manner of a great sect leader of his era.  Like Zhang Wuji[1], he acts like a minor Daoist student. But who would guess that once he unleashes himself, he strikes without challenge all the way up to Guangming Peak. I only see him clap his hands once and then immediately a group of people rally together in a circle -- head to head, shoulder to shoulder. At the end, they all strike their palms together to roar, “LET’S WIN!”

[1]The male protagonist in the famous Louis Cha's Wuxia novel Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber.

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