✿ Chinese Drama ✿ The Magic Blade/ Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre/ Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao

Mandarin title: Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao/ Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre/ 
                          Magic Blade/ 天下明月刀
# Episode: 40
Genre: Wuxia, Revenge, Martial Arts
Release date: June 24,2012    Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Wallace Chung as Fu Hongxue, Baron Chen as Ye Kai, Zhang Meng as Zhou Ting

Twenty-four years ago, "God of Sabre" Yang Chang Feng was double-crossed and murdered by someone close to him. Now his son Fu Hong Xue, a skilled swordsman himself, sets out to avenge his father's death. During his journey, Hong Xue meets with kindness and treachery, is conflicted by love and hatred, and eventually discovers the shocking truth behind his birth.(credit wiki)

This series is actually a remake based on popular Taiwanese wuxia novel by Gu Long. I never read the original novel, but I have watched a 1989 TVB adaptation called The Black Sabre, which is also roughly based on this story and featured Eddie Cheung as Ye Kai and Hugo Ng as Fu Hongxue . In Black Sabre, I thought Hugo Ng did a fabulous job in his portrayal of the icy cold, revenge-driven Fu Hongxue and I also enjoyed Eddie Cheung as Ye Kai too. After watching the trailer, I felt Wallace Chung's version of Fu Hongxue was very awkward and forceful for some odd reasons. I must have been too distracted by his haphazard costumes and hairstyle. He just didn't look right and his acting approach to the character was not in align with how I perceived Fu Hongxue. I have nothing against Wallace and I actually love him in Too Late to Say I Love You and as the Emperor Kangxi in the mainland version of Duke of Mount Deer. Also, Baron Chen as Ye Kai is also very disappointing as I'm not a fan of his acting style. He doesn't seem to have the suaveness of Eddie Cheung. Anyway, I shouldn't be too harsh on the series. Hopefully, the drama will grow more on me as I watch more episodes.

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If anyone interested in listening some classic 80s wuxia Cantonese songs, I think the main theme song for Black Sabre is a perfect example of this genre. I remember loving this song when I was a kid.
1989 Version of Fu Hongxue and Ye Kai
Ye Kai and his love interest

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