Release Date of Female Prime Minister May Be Postponed

Hi everyone! Sorry for my lack of update in recent weeks. I haven't been interested in anything lately, so I didn't have much to get excited and rant about. It's quite unfortunate that all the dramas I'm looking forward to watch will either get postponed in getting released or haven't finished shooting yet. Anyway, I hope everyone is starting to enjoy the warmer weather or colder weather if you live in the southern hemisphere. I personally love summer because I can dress in thin layers and not hog my heavy jackets everywhere I go. To put it simply, I'm just a warm climate girl. =P.

Back on topic! One of the producers of Female Prime Minister, Yu Zheng, just announced that Hunan TV has postponed the broadcast date from the originally rumored July air time to October 1, the week of Chinese National holiday. DARN! I believe that reason behind this postponement is the London Summer Olympics. Hunan TV has been suffering from very depressing ratings and lost its former glory of dominating the evening TV audience. Since Female Prime Minister is one of their special "baby" projects where they invested in the production, they cannot afford to risk competing with the Olympics. On a side note, Yu Zheng is known to disclose information before maturation. His words are often in fluidity and things tend to change. In other words, I'm praying Female Prime Minister will still air in July.

The good news is we're going to get to see a 30-minute long trailer soon! Supposedly, Hunan TV will release the official trailer today (Beijing time). Hooray! I can now say I REALLY have something to look forward to! I'll post it up immediately once it's out. Check back in a few hours or in a day or two.

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