New 11-Minute Trailer for In Love with Power

I've been so absorbed with the new Female Prime Minister trailer that I totally don't feel the strong excitement I once did for Hawick Lau's new drama In Love with War. My curosity and excitement for Female Prime Minister has completely consumed me! I hope I can get myself back in In Love with Power mode when the drama comes out this summer (speculated release date).

This new 11-minute trailer is mostly comprised of scenes from the previous 8-minute trailer I posted. There are some new footage, so if you crave for new materials, you can still check it out. In this updated trailer, the production team perfected the editing and the dubbing quality. The one  thing you should see is the new MV at the end of the trailer (starting around min 7:55). I heard they will be releasing an extended 30-minute trailer soon.

I noticed that Hawick's costume in the poster above is very similar to a spiraling pattern print robe that Chen Xiao wore in Female Prime Minister. I bet Yu Zheng either used the same costume designer for both productions or he tried to save money by buying the fabric in bolts.

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