Behind-the-Scene Video of Female Prime Minister

While I was browsing the Baidu Forum, I discovered this BTS video created by one of the crew members from the Female Prime Minister production team. This 4-minute clip features some new footage and shows the technical shooting process of the drama.

Scenes of interest:
1:46 Gao Zhan tries to save Lu Zhen from a fire.
1:58 Chen Xiao rides on a mechanical horse and tries not to laugh at the situation. I, on the other hand, roared loudly into a heavy laugh watching Chen Xiao pretending to gallope on the fake horse.
02:37 Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying filming in the rain.
3:12 Gao Zhan (I think it's him) tries to "seduce" Xiao Guanyin's loyal lady-in-waiting, Wang Xuan. He awkwardly strips his night shirt off and bares his chest. Now I'm really curious about this scene! Chen Xiao sounds so hilarious trying to act all perverted. ROFL. Below is the translated dialogue between Gao Dan and Wang Xuan:

Gao Zhan: Ah Xuan, I told you're being paranoid. This place has been haunted for the longest time. Who dares to come? Hurry up and come here! I'm waiting for you.  
Wang Xuan: What? What's going on? Have you been fooling around? Why did you light the candle?
Gao Zhan: I can't you see clearly in such utter darkness. Isn't it much more romantically charming like this?  [Takes off his shirt] Come! HAHAHAHA! Come! Don't be embarrassed. [Gao Dan's evil laugh]

P.S. It's the first time I get to hear Chen Xiao's real voice. He has a pretty good deep voice, and manly enough to fit the character.

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