New Romantic Offical Stills of Female Prime Minister

Just when I'm running out of things to say about Female Prime Minister, Sina Entertainment News releases a series of new romantic stills I can drool over. I just want to scream "OH MY GOSH!! Sooo godly delicious to the eyes!" I'm already pretty hyped up about this series, but these stills just heighten my excitement by tenfold!
I see that Gao Zhan is awake in this photo, so our worries that he may be unconscious (or dead) in this scene won't come true. Yay!

Xiao Guanyin and Gao Yin look pretty good together too! I hope that Xiao Guanyin can get over her love for Gao Zhan quickly and recipricate Gao Yin's affections. She would be a much happier woman with Gao Yin. Besides Gao Zhan/Lu Zhen's story, I'm somewhat curious about the development of this second couple too.

The colors and details of the costumes look absolutely gorgeous in these high resolution photos. It's a pity that sometimes all these details get muted onscreen and the visual effect of these costumes come off quite weak.

So what do you all think now? Excited? Hehehe

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