Picture Splurge of Huo Qubing and Jinyu in Ballad of the Desert

If I remember correctly, this scene is where Jinyu was waiting for Meng Jiu to respond to her love confession, but to her devastation, he didn't show up.
My interest in Da Mo Yao/Ballad of Desert has been on hiatus in recent months due to the lack of news, photo release, and the secretive nature of the production team. But today the splurge of new images just reignited my interest. In the past few weeks, there were barely any high quality photos of Eddie Peng in his character mode and without the usual interruption of crew/production equipments in the backdrop. Since filming just completed, we should expect more photo releases or maybe even a trailer if SARFT finally decides to approve DMY for national broadcast in China.

Though I can't help but express my deep disappointment in Jinyu's matronly hairstyle, I'm really liking most of Huo Qubing's hairstyles and costumes (maybe except for his military armor). Eddie's tall physique and well-build structure tremendously help to make everything he wears onscreen very fitting.

Okay, maybe he doesn't look as dashing in this photo, but has a more aged and rugged feel. It's definitely different from the usual Eddie's happy-go-lucky vibes.

The "morning-after" scene? Judging from Jinyu's disheveled hair and the face she's standing along some stream/river with her "wolf" buddy and Huo Qubing, this is probably the scene where Huo Qubing confronts Jinyu about their drunken one night stand.

I wish Huo Qubing's armor looks more like what his subordinate wore (with the more spread out/wing-like shoulder plate).
Am I too picky? Somehow I find Hu Qubing's armory to be lacking in sophistication and valor. The overall look is just so "uninspiring."
Unfortunately, Huo Qubing's face is faded out for some reason in this photo, but you can still get a good glimpse at official courtly robes in DMY. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of shiny/shimmering fabric nor this particular shade of berry red. The shinny fabric reminds me too much of cheaply constructed children Halloween costumes.

Some of my favorite shots of Jinyu

Okay, I really think DMY recycled at least one costume from Female Prime Minister. This blue robe that Li Shishi is wearing in the photo below looks very similar to one of the blue robes that Chen Xiao wore. The pattern on the sleeve and the blue shade are identical to each other.

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