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Quite a few pretty ladies seem to have given their heart to Gao Zhan in this drama. I counted at least four major characters: Lu Zhen, Xiao Guanyin, Shen Bi, and Shen Jiamin. I excluded Princess Tong Chang because she has a mindset of a juvenile. I highly doubt anything romantic exists between the two. Besides these five women, I'm not sure how many minor characters will crush on him. Gao Dan is truly one popular guy! But what about our lovely Lu Zhen? Drama isn't drama without a complex polygonal love story. Let's add two or three guys into this complicated love equation for Lu Zhen. Muahahaha....

Gao Zhan does not appear to be the indecisive type. Thank goodness! When Gao Zhan discovered that his childhood sweetheart married his older brother, he swiftly drew a clear line between them. At least that was my impression based on the trailer. I don't think we'll be seeing much of Gao Zhan wavering between two women. The core problem in Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen's relationship probably springs from trust issues and circumstantial obstacles created by people who disapprove of their union (e.g. Gao Zhan's older sister, Shen Bi, Shen Jiamin, etc).

I know for a fact that Gao Zhan would get jealous over Shen Jiayan's love for Lu Zhen. Lu Zhen is not alone in suffering all the heartache. Gao Zhan gets a share of it. *evil laugh* I'm actually looking forward to see Gao Zhan's burst of jealousy. A touch of jealousy adds taste to a drama, but too much jealousy can kill the thrill. Hopefully, the writer has good command on how much jealousy to inject in this story.

The question now is what triggers Gao Zhan to become jealous and how jealous does he get? I have always assumed that Shen Jiayan would harbor a type of quiet love for Lu Zhen. He would only love her from afar and not openly reveal his affections to her. Apparently, I've been WRONG in my thinking. Based on the photo below, I speculate that Lu Zhen and Shen Jiayan may even officially hook up for a short time. At minimum, Lu Zhen is aware of Shen Jiayan's feelings.

Now I understand why a confidant young man like Gao Zhan, who knows what he desire in life, would lose his cool and go on a jealous rampage. LOL. Alright, I exaggerate. But wouldn't you lose your calm if you see your lover in another man's arms?
I wonder why Lu Zhen is in Shen Jiayan's arms? Where is Gao Zhan?!
Shen Jiamin seems to be a more "qualified" guardian for Lu Zhen than Gao Zhan.
Besides Shen Jiayan, Lu Zhen has two other potential suitors: Gao Yin and Li Cheng. Despite loving only Xiao Guanyin, Gao Yin appears to have inadvertently dragged Lu Zhen into his love problems with Xiao Guanyin. I hope Gao Yin and Lu Zhen's relationship stays only platonic. This "love nanogon" is already complicated enough!
What's up with all these random display of affections on Lu Zhen? First Shen Jiayan, and now even Gao Yin is wrapping his arms around Lu Zhen.
On the other hand, Li Cheng is Lu Zhen's betrothed. He betrays her. His actions probably evaporate any good feelings Lu Zhen ever had for him. The significance of Li Cheng in this series remains unknown.
Han Dong plays Lu Zhen's betrothed, Li Cheng
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