First Trailer for Sound of the Desert/Da Mo Yao/Legend of Moon and Star is finally HERE!

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! More than a year after shooting ended, Tangren Entertainment (aka Chinese Entertainment  Shanghai Limited) finally released its first official "anything" of this drama series (related posts here). [Correction: So I was wrong. This trailer is not the official trailer, but a leaked version. No wonder it feels a little "off."] Unlike Yu Zheng who constantly proliferates the entertainment media with real-time photos, clips, and interviews of his productions, Tangren Entertainment had been particularly low-key about this production. Da Mo Yao/Ballad of the Desert, now officially renamed Xing Yue Zhuan Qi which literally translates to Legend of the Moon and Star (LofMaS) has been thrown under the rug in secrecy and silence by the Chinese censorship bureau. Radical history fanatics heavily bombarded the story with criticisms for the over romanticization of a famous Han Dynasty general and distortion of other famous historical figures. Dude, these fanatical self-proclaim history lovers have nothing better to do. Yu Zheng and other drama productions have distorted Chinese history 100 times more severe than Da Mo Yao ever did but was never held accountable for their fictional storytelling on famous people.

I heard Tangren Entertainment's lady boss neglected to follow some legal procedures in its permitting process and failed to be political savvy about its marketing of this historical drama series. She was rumored to ostentatiously tick off some powerful people in the government bureau. Consequently, LofMaS suffers severe political backlash from Chinese history fanatics and government censorship. Only when LofMaS managed to completely change the historical context of the story, including character associations with the original historical figures, by dubbing over the voices and photoshopping all historical references on film did news of its release became more optimistic.

Anyway, enjoy Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge, and Eddie Peng's latest period piece. Unfortunately, I hate the main theme song and am totally indifferent to the background music in this trailer. The song is too anachronistic and modern against the heavy historical setting of the drama. The score miserably fails to enhance the emotions of the scenes. I wish the music was more traditional, but I still can't wait to watch this!

HD Version Link:

YouTube Version 

After watching this trailer, I am so happy Eddie Peng played the role of the young general Wei Wuji (formerly Huo Qubing) instead of Hu Ge. Eddie Peng, despite being in his 30s, still retains his youthful boyish look befitting of the character. He is marvelously handsome in his costumes. I see sparks in his character portrayal and sense passion in his eyes. I wish the trailer offers longer scenes of Wei Wuji and Xin Yue. The trailer emphasizes more on Xin Yue's love frustration for Hu Ge's Mo Xun than on the love triangle between the three main leads.

I love this scene!! Wei Wuji is like "hmm...who should I choose? left or right?"

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