Li Jiahang looks dashing in Han Dynasty attire as General Feng Yi

 Known for his comedic role in iAppartment series and Er Kang in Huan Zhu Ge Ge, Li Jiahang is starting to break out into other roles. He tended to play a lovesick puppy boy always yearning for his lady love. My impression of Li Jiahang has been on roles where he always revolves around a central female character. In Xiu Li Jiang Shan: Chang Ge Xing, he will once again revolve around one central female character (Yin Lihua) played by Ruby Lin. But at least this time, their relationship is purely platonic (I hope) and his heart belongs to another pretty lady, Riyiza (Ding Rou). As General Feng Yi, Li Jiahang takes on a less romantic role, engaging in  military affairs and the restoration of  the Han Empire. Feng Yi is a rather introverted character who does not express much with his actions but rather with his eyes. This character portrayal will differ dramatically from Li Jiahang's past roles where he openly act with intense body language. The character Feng Yi demands much more subtle acting with a Confucian gentleness and refinement.

In this historical epic, one phrase seems to sum up Feng Yi and Ding Rou's relationship: no regrets. Feng Yi's character is described as quiet and solitary with a famous habit of resting under a tree to play his flute, earning the nickname "Big Tree General." He devotes his life and loyalty to Emperor Han Guangwu and his Empress Yin as well as their great cause to reunite a broken empire. Feng Yi embodies tragedy and the essence of sacrifice for those who understand him. His soulmate, Ding Rou, shares similar traits of unwavering loyalty and devotion.

Since the original novel only identifies a young Lady Ding as Feng Yi's concubine in a brief passing, I am extremely curious how the writers will expand on Riyiza's character. If the soul mate is a concubine, what will become of his principal wife? How does the character Ding Rou manage to subtly creep into the solidarity life of Feng Yi and become a important part of his existence?

I expect another Cinderella story at work for this drama. Based on the newly released official stills, I suspects Ding Rou to be a palace slave since she is tattooed on her neck with the character "palace." But hey, recycled plot devices are always welcomed if they can be rewritten with a good twist and execution.
General Feng Yi and Yin Lihua (Ruby Lin).
Ding Rou gets labeled with a neck tattoo

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