Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong's Xiu Li Jiang Shan: Chang Ge Xing 6-minute teaster trailer is out!

Though I am still a bit weird out about the Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong pairing onscreen, the newly released trailer for Xiu Li Jiang Shan: Chang Ge Xing is astonishingly beautiful and promising. I have not seen such quality cinematography and choreography in mainland Chinese TV dramaland for awhile. You can definitely tell a lot of money has been spent on the production of the sets and costumes. Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong do not feel as awkward as I imagined them. Unfortunately, there are no scenes of Ding Rou and Feng Yi, the pairing I am rooting most. This trailer centers on the central love triangle between Liu Xiu (Emperor Han Guangwu), Yin Lihu (Empress Yin), and Guo Shengtong (Empress Guo).


Yuan Hong and Wang Yuanke as Emperor Han Guanwu and his first empress, Guo Shengtong
Going a bit off tangent, you see the second leading actress, Wang Yuanke, acting dramatic and evil as the insanely jealous Empress Guo Shengtong in the teaser trailer, and lashing out at Ruby Lin's Yin Lihua with no mercy. In reality, she is actually the beloved wife of another actor in this production. The husband is none other than the actor who plays Ruby Lin's older brother Yin Shi, Wang Yu. They started to date after co-starring in another production together, except they did not play lovers, but acted as mother and son! LOL. Ironically, Wang Yuanke is actually a year younger than Wang Yu. I heard they are also proud parents of twin boys. Lucky couple!  I read that Wang Yu's marriage proposal to then-girlfriend Wang Yuanke caused quite a sensation online. Wang Yu publicly proposed and popped the big question on an enormous digital screen at one of busiest commercial centers in Beijing.He then keeled down in public to ask the girl for her hand in marriage. What guts he has!
Actor Wang Yu as Yin Shi (Yin Lihua's older brother)
During the shooting of this drama, real-life couple Wang Yu and Wang Yuanke play characters in rivaling camps and are supposed to be "enemies." Wang Yu actually has to sit by on the set of Chang Ge Xing and watch his real-life wife go love crazy for his co-star Yuan Hong. For this "monumental" task, he wrote the following sarcastically hilarious Sina weibo (micrblog) about this feelings:

(roughly translated)
世上最远的距离是你在那组扮皇后谈情说爱,我在这组装大哥忍气吞声!郭娘娘,听说你们今天在洞房,弘弘特意发来照片告诉我进展如何,看着他那销魂的眼神我一点都不生气,就是刚咬碎了两颗牙!@袁弘 @王媛可 祝你们幸福。。。

"The greatest distance in this world is you (Wang Yuanke) being far away in another filming team playing the empress and busying yourself with your pursuit of love and romance while I'm stuck in this shooting team pretending to the "Big Brother" who could only bottle up all his emotions. Guo Niangniang (Empress Guo), I heard tonight is your wedding night, and Hong Hong (Yuan Hong's nickname) took great care to send me photos and diligently alert me of his "progress."  I am absolutely not upset by the look of his bewitchingly satisfied eyes. I only just managed to crack two teeth. @Yuan Hong @ Wang Yuanhe, I wish you both great happiness!"
Yuan Hong and Wang Yuanke shooting the "wedding night"
Yuan Hong looks extremely handsome in his character photos as Liu Xiu. If Qing Dynasty attire can ugly-ify the best-looking men, I must say Han Dynasty attire has the absolute opposite effects. The last time I've seen Yuan Hong in such good shape is 2009 Legend of the Condor Heroes as Yang Kang and Young Warriors of the Yang Clan as Yelu Xie. He has lost a lot of his boyish youth and matured into a very fine gentleman in Chang Ge Xing.

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