Three Guys and One Girl Sum up Yun Zhong Ge Teaser Trailer #2

The broadcast of Yun Zhong Ge is slated for summer of 2014. In teaser trailer #2, Chen Xiao's Liu Bingyi takes a more secondary role while Du Chun's Meng Jue and Lu Yi' Liu Fuling are put in the forefront. As the titular lead, Angelababy takes center stage as the #1 character with the most scene exposure. Like Legend of Lu Zhen, Angelababy's Yun Ge is the absolute epicenter of the entire drama. All three male leads revolves their own story around this central character.

Compared to its prequel Da Mo Yao/Legend of Moon and Star, I am not a fan of the character Yun Ge nor the story of Yun Zhong Ge. None of the male characters strikes great interest. The ruthlessly ambitious Liu Bingyi may be interesting to follow but I highly doubt Chen Xiao can garner the attention, love, and popularity he earned from Legend of Lu Zhen. Though Angelababy looks very pretty onscreen, I am not particularly drawn to her face. She also is not the type of actress to have chemistry with every male co-star. I sense zero chemistry between Angelababy, Du Chen, and Lu Yi. Am I being too harsh?

In sum, my motivation to follow Yun Zhong Ge is to watch Liu Bingyi be the ultimate boss and rule the Middle Kingdom. I am definitely rooting for the villain. *EVIL LAUGH*

Trailer #2

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