Monday, November 19, 2012

Short Trailer of Swordsman with English Subtitles

 Wallace Huo's fans and semi-wuxia fans, the new Swordsman trailer is finally out today! And it already comes with English subtitles. Double hooray?!

Quick Random Thoughts:
  • Some nice scenery and cinematography
  • Yu Zheng = melodrama
  • The bright colors of the costumes got toned down a lot onscreen
  • Overall feel of the drama is more fantasy feel than "wuxia" feel
  • Joe Chen looks the best, second is Wallace Huo. Yuan Shan Shan doesn't even leave a lasting impression.
  • A little too much CGIs, but not as bad as Tang Ren's Xuan Yuan Jian.
  • Not looking forward Dongfang Bubai and Ling Huchong's "romance"

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