[Translation] Chapter 3(5) Sealed with a Kiss Novel

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千山暮雪 第二部分 千山暮雪 第三章(5


In my dream, he piggybacked me and kept on walking along the trails. I asked him while wrapping my arms around his neck “Where do you want to carry me to?”


He said “Into my heart.”


I feel extremely despondent after I woke up from this dream. How great would it be if it was real?


Shortly after, we arrive at the emergency room filled with noisy chattering. After Yue Ying called for the doctor with her tearful voice, I was placed to sit down on a chair to be attended by a doctor and nurse. I was told to look up and I felt a cool cotton ball that carries a medicated scent wiping my eyelid, the sudden pang of pain caused me to tremble.

The doctor then asked me “Are you able to open up your eyes?”


I try to open my eyes but my vision is still blurry, maybe because I dare not try too hard on my left eye. While writing some prescription, the doctor asked “Are you all students of this school? Did you bring the school medical insurance card? Someone needs to help her to register and pay. After that, bring her upstairs to do a check-up on her pupil.”


I tried to open my right eye wide to see clearly but it was all in vain as both my eyes started tearing when I look at another direction. Yue Ying started choking in tears “We did not bring the card…”


“Let me do the paying,” said by a male voice, which I guess is the guy that piggybacks me here. He speaks fluently in Mandarin though he is still panting for air while talking, probably because he walks too fast over here. He then continued “You accompany her.”


After the doctor temporarily covered my eye with sterile gauze, I was helped up the stairs to the check-up department like a blind man by Yue Ying. The check-up report came out rather quickly, there was a perforation of the cornea and the doctor recommended an operation immediately. Yue Ying began crying immediately and I start to become scared too. All the bad thoughts start to rush into my mind, what if I become blind after coming out of the operation theater. Luckily the guy that brought me here tried to calm us down. Although he did not comfort me nor Yue Ying, he hold my hand and said “We will be waiting for you outside the theatre!” 


His fingers were cool and he holds my hand stronger than he should which reminded me of how Xiao Shan hold my hand, he will always clutch it with so much strength that my hands will feel a little ache. 

I’m still scared despite his assurance, even my hands were still trembling after holding his, and so I didn’t say anything. I heard the nurse urging me to go in the theater but I can’t see her because I can’t open my left eye and my right eye can only see a blurry shadow. I tried with all my efforts to look for Yue Ying, she was leaning against the wall and beside the guy. I think to myself, if I were to become blind, this is the last time for me to see this world.


The operation was not as long as I thought it would be, neither was it as intimidating as I thought. My left eye was bandaged up and I thought I look just like one eye dragon. Even Yue Ying said that I look like a pirate captain when she first saw me after coming out the operating theater.


When she brought up this topic, I have already been hospitalized for three days. The bandaged was finally removed this morning and the doctor informs us that I can be discharge if there is no infection for the next two days. As for whether my vision will be affected, the doctor said that he will have to follow up at the later stage of recovery. Fortunately, the doctor added on that the injured part of the cornea is slanted and small so it is very positive currently.


I was nearly bored to death living in this hospital because I’m really afraid of going hospital, not to mention being hospitalized. Moreover, I have to be dripped every morning to avoid infection. After the bandaged was I removed, I dare not open my left eye as I feel that my vision will still be unclear even if I open.


Yue Ying accompanies me every day by skipping three days of classes consecutively. Her actions make me extremely grateful to have her as a friend as I know she did not do this for Mu Zheng Fei, the guy that piggyback me to hospital. No wonder when the doctor mentioned about going under knife, Yue Ying starts to cry in fear while he be so calm. This handsome chap is really unique as he probably has been put into such situation.


Mu Zheng Fei visited me every day too, Yue Ying then commented that I’m in luck with the opposite sex this time. I replied “How can a pirate captain be in any luck with the opposite sex? He is just being gentleman, not saving a damsel in distress!”

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