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English translation by Woan Ting
Minor edits by JoleCole

千山暮雪 第二部分 千山暮雪 第三章(4


When I looked towards the audience, countless girls weren’t able to stand properly while sighing in their praises.


The game was not very intense. The team representing our school lost out at the end. Even though our school is among the first-class universities in the country and many of our science and engineering departments are in the top national ranks, but how do we compare with the neighboring school‘s robotic geniuses majoring in science and engineering? Forget it.


After our glorious defeat, the captain of our school’s team humorously joked, “Let’s not write codes for the Twin Tower robots for the next competition. Let’s use robots to compose poems.”

This caused a burst of laughter in the audience, during which the opponents shook hands with each other before taking a group photo. The cheerleading team started to surround them and perform their stunts, and immediately the entire stadium heated up in jubilance. Yueying then started to drag me along to take a closer peek at those handsome guys, and nearly caused me to break out in sweats. 

Sensing her enthusiasm, I don’t think she would ever give up until she was able to stand next to Mu Zhenfei.  At this time, the neighboring school’s hot-blooded guys started to lift and toss Mu Zhenfei high up in the air. In the crowd of cheering and laughs, I stepped back a few steps in an attempt to view this magnificent spectacle. Yueying, who finally managed to squeeze into the core of the crowd, started to look for me since I was nowhere near her.  “Tong Xue! Tong Xue!”


Her voice was so loud that I even could hear her despite the loud music.


“I’m here!” I jumped and shouted in order for her to see me.


I was careless and I was also too tall. I was already rather tall standing upright; the fact that I was jumping made me even taller. Just then a black unidentified object “whoosh” towards me. Just like a bullet, the object flew straight towards me before I could react. All I heard was “pop” before I dropped on the ground.  The sharp pain was too sudden.


It hurt. But fortunately our basic instinct always tells us to close our eyes in the face of pending danger; thus the unidentified object only directly hit my eyelids. The pain caused tears to start gushing out, blurring my vision. The girls besides me rushed to my assistance and helped me up after seeing my embarrassing fall. I wiped the tears and tried to stand up on my own when I heard a girl scream: “Aiya, you’re bleeding!”


I couldn’t open my left eye at all and my right eye couldn't stop the tears.  In a blur, all I managed to see was a touch of scarlet red on my hand. The Eight Character of my birth time must clash with this school. Ever since I enrolled, disastrous things have been incessantly occurring  till this day. Before I could finish my superstitious thoughts, Yueying has already rushed towards me in a panic  “Tong Xue! Tong Xue!”

Her reaction was similar to those prime-time drama series.  All she knew how to do was to shake me in her anxiousness. I became dizzy because of her shaking. Before I could recover from the dizziness to reprimand her, people have already started to surround us and help me up clumsily.  Around the same time, a man started to shout “Quickly take her to the hospital! Help me carry her up!”

Actually, my eye was injured, not my legs. But these students have already clumsily carried me up onto the man’s back. To be honest, I couldn’t see at all.  Both eyes kept tearing up and the droplets started dripping down the man’s neck. I was not even sure whether they were tears or blood drops. I started to ponder whether I was going to be blind, and if I become blind, would Mo Shao Qian finally dump me…


At this moment, I was still in the mood to let my thoughts wonder off randomly. Probably because I had nothing better to do while I was being carried away and my eyes were filled with tears which caused my vision to blur [1].  

[1] I think she’s trying to say that her thoughts are wondering because she couldn’t see clearly anyway

However, I know we just walked past the basketball court, passed by the Yi Fu Building, the Management Building, Friendly Sakura Park, Money Lake… All of which were the most familiar places at school where I could navigate even without looking.

Once you exit the second northern gate is our medical school first affiliated hospital. The man was already panting by the time we reached our destination.  He had walked really fast with so many upward slopes on the way too.


I became dizzy either due to the rough piggyback ride or due to my fear of blood. All I could smell was blood, although I couldn’t see anything. My head drooped down feebly.  This man has broad shoulders, but nothing too exaggerating, unlike the bulging shoulders that reminded me of Xiao Shan.

I always think about him during situation like this, whenever I’m badly injured. Every time I passed by the basketball court in the past, I could always locate him in a single glance, despite the fact he was hidden among a group of boys playing basketball.  He would always be sweating profusely and his jersey soaked in sweat with his exposed broad and flat shoulder blades. Xiao Shan never actually gave me piggyback ride.  

A long, long time ago, however, I dreamt of him carrying me on is back. In those dreams, he was walking along the school’s dim forested trails carrying me. The sky was covered with turquoise foliage, and underside of those leaves was filled with clumps of Lantana flowers, giving a look just like pink velvet or even a small cluster of fireworks.  The flowers blossomed beautifully under the blue sky.

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