Character Intro to Turbulence of the Mu Clan

Turbulence of the Mu Clan has an extensive ensemble cast and many complicated characters.  I hope this list of characters will help those who don't understand Mandarin very well  or those who would just like to know more about the drama before you invest your time into it. :-D

Aleqiu 阿勒邱
At the age of 10, Aleqiu was arranged by her uncle to infiltrate the Mu household and quietly wait for the right opportunity to exact revenge on the Mu clan for the extermination of her own family. Despite her reluctance to seek revenge, her familial bonds with her only living relative forces her to commit some acts against her will. She falls in love with the heir of the Mu clan, Mu Ceng, and eventually becomes his concubine.

Mu Zeng 木增
Eldest grandson of Mu Wang, the incumbent chieftain of Lijiang, and the eldest son of Mu Qing.  He is destined to succeed his grandfather and father as the next chieftain. In contrast to the militaristic nature of his grandfather and uncle, Mu Zeng is greatly influenced by his scholastic father. He chooses not to train in the art of war, but spends his time reading books and developing his own future plans for the governance of Lijiang. After Aleqiu risks her life to save him twice, he completely falls in love with her against his grandmother's wishes. He becomes extremely protective of Aleqiu and will do everything in his power to shield her from dangers.

Mu Long 木隆
Mu Wang's second son and Mu Zeng's uncle. Hot-tempered, prideful, belligerent and ambitious  man believes in the use of force over words. He is the complete antithesis of his older brother, Mu Qing, who is cultivated and calmed. Because of Mu clan's custom of primogeniture, he is deprived of the chance to become the next chieftain of Lijiang. 

Mu Qing 木青
Mu Wang's eldest son and Mu Ceng's father. Heavily influenced by Han culture, Mu Qing is learned man who prefers to spend his days reading and painting than politics. But when his family is threatened, Mu Qing does not just stand idle and let the enemy roam free. With his expansive network of spies and followers, Mu Qing is perhaps the most knowledgeable member of the Mu family who is keenly aware of hidden events surrounding him.

Mu Kun 木坤
Mu Long's son and Mu Ceng's younger cousin and best friend. Like his father, Mu Kun is trained in the art of war and not books. Straightforward and kindhearted with a strong sense of justice, Mu Kun often clashes with his stern father. He later also falls in love with Aleqiu.

Luo Shi Ning 罗氏宁
Mu Wang's principal wife and Mu Ceng‘grandmother. She is also the mother of Mu Long and Mu Qing. A very shrewd, astute, and ruthless woman who's willing to destroy anyone who threatens the safety of her family. She suspects Aleqiu's background and feel a unknown force is approaching to hurt the Mu clan. She also fears Aleqiu's growing influence on Mu Ceng and decides to assassinate her before their relationship grows even stronger.

Mu Wang 木旺
Chieftain of Lijiang and patriarch of the Mu clan. Respected and formidable, Mu Wang demands obedience and loyalty from everyone. Even the stern Mu Long fears his father.

Xi He 西和
Vindictive and ruthless uncle of Aleqiu. He will use all means to destroy the Mu clan, including the murders of innocent individuals.

Azhao 阿照
An ambitious orphaned girl from a nunnery. She inadvertently overhears the secret revenge plans of Aleqiu and Hexi, but decides to remain silent about the secrets for her own benefits. She becomes Aleqiu's confidant and strives to make Aleqiu the next matriarch of Mu clan. Then under Aleqiu's growing power and influence, she can in turn climb up the social ladder.

Ashiyu 阿室于
Luo Shi Ning's grand niece and cousin to Mu Ceng. She comes from a noble family and received a very privileged upbringing, which molded her prideful and competitive character. She can be friendly when treated kindly, but once crossed, she will not forgive easily. Out of spite and ambition, she decides to marry Mu Ceng even if she does not love him. 

Ayuela 阿月拉
Tomboyish and kind daughter of a general under the Mu clan. She is in love with Mu Kun and later marries him. Even though she knows Mu Kun is in love with Aleqiu, she harbors no resentment toward her and treats Aleqiu as her confidant.

Ahu 阿虎
An infamous bandit assigned to kill Aleqiu, but Mu Zeng eventually spares his life and Ahu pledges his loyalty to Mu Zeng.

Gao Yu Long 高玉龙
The faithful and devoted guard of Mu Zeng. He's very protective of his young master.

Tuba 图巴
Loyal servant to Luo Shi Ning. He carries out Luo Shi Ning's orders without questions.

Gaoshiju 高氏菊
Mu Long's principal wife. She's quite nosy and takes the initiative to help her husband politically.

Ashijia 阿室加
Mu Qing's wife and Mu Ceng's mother. She is also the niece of Luo Shi Ning and Ashiyu's aunt. Like any typical traditional woman, she is a gentle kind woman who places her husband and son first.

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