Part III: Female Prime Minister Scene Speculation on the First 3 Meetings of the OTP

Aye, I've been so idle lately in dramaland that I just can't help but stalk the Baidu Forum and scout the weibo world for any new bits of information on Female Prime Minister. Unfortunately, there is still no official release date except for Yu Zheng's weibo response citing a October 1 broadcast date and some minor changes to the total number of episodes (extended from 40 to 45 episodes). In the meantime, I'll just gush over any spoilers I can get and speculate on the story.

The following speculation is inspired from a post I read on the Baidu Forum. Since I'm too lazy to redo the screen captures, I also recycled the original author's screen shots below.

One of the small details I like what I've seen so far is how the scriptwriter staged the first 3 meetings between Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen. After watching so many Korean and Chinese dramas using overly cliche and melodramatic stunts/moves to emphasize the "sparks" between the main leads, I prefer something more down-to-earth and subtle in the first meeting setup. I personally do not believe in "love at first sight." One can start to form some positive feelings for a person based on first impression, but definitely not unconditional love or undaunted "devotion."

Based on what Gao Zhan said to Lu Zhen in the bamboo hut when he regained consciousness after Lu Zhen saved him from some assassination attempt, we know it was their third meeting. Judging from Lu Zhen's outfit below, I believe their first meeting happened before Lu Zhen's father death and might involved some exchange about a sword?! Perhaps during one of her business trips, she ran into Gao Zhan.

Second meeting should take place during Lu Zhen's harrowing escape from her forced wedding to an old man. Gao Zhen coincidentally was traveling on the same street and saw her running toward him.
Third meeting allows Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan, just mere acquaintances at the time, to spend more time together and officially mark the beginning of their "relationship" (doesn't have to be romantic). I think spending some time "living" together under the same roof can either drive strangers apart or really force them to get to know each other better. In this case, both Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan grew very fond of each other.

I just love the fact that Lu Zhen isn't the typical "damsel in distress" and the hero doesn't  have to go save her skin. (Though this statement isn't valid anymore later in the series.) It's the distressed hero who needs some saving himself by the "runaway" damsel. LOL

Lu Zhen is soo cute here! She ostentatiously displays her scarred hand to Gao Zhan so he'll feel more "gratitude" for what she did for him.

After their fateful three meetings, Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan reunites back in the palace and the ultimate DRAMA begins.

And to end this post with a little fun but off-topic note....VOLIÀ!

How does our Female Prime Minister OTP look with the weird and insanely mutated make-up? Chen Xiao has some heavy makeover after his character castrated himself in The Swordman. His eyes start to turn blue and his skin becomes grisly pale. While Zhao Liying was shooting some fantasy series about a fish deity that requires some ghostly look? I don't know why she needs the heavy makeover. Anyway, the ever mischievous Chen Xiao published these photos on his weibo without Zhao Liying's permission. LOL.

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