Major Characters in Fairytale in 1/2

I suddenly got interested in this upcoming modern series after the heavy promotion by Hunan TV on weibo. The storyline is rather overused and cliche. Since I'm currently bored in dramaland and the trailer looks captivating enough for me,  I'll give this series a try when it airs Monday. 

Zhao Tingxuan:
The weathy heiress to Huaikuang Corporation. Gentle and kind-hearted by nature, she is plagued with a serious skin disorder that prevents her from getting exposed to sunlight.


Tingxuan's younger twin who grew up in a poor neighborhood with her granny. In contrast to her older twin's quiet gentleness and elegance, Tingyu is brash, vivacious and innocent. Her one weakness is food.

Du Yufeng:
Zhao Tingxuan's fiancee who later falls in love with her younger twin, Tingyu. Cold and reserved on the outside, Du Yufeng does not know how to convey his emotions. He is often called the "machine man" by Tingyu. He falls into a love triangle with the twin sisters and further gets conflicted with the plans his father has for the Zhao family...Should he choose family or love?

Jing Wei:
The fun-loving son of the affluent Jing family. On the surface, he exerts a playboy exterior and seems to care only about having fun.  with a rebellious streak of a youthful man. But once in love, Jing Wei becomes completey serious and is willing to go against his father for Tingxuan.

Jing Qi:
The sponteous and spunky younger sister of Jing Wei. She can be both rash and observant girl with a head filled with wild and random ideas. She is also one of the first people who noticed the "strange" behavior of Tingxuan.

Zhao Huaikuang:
The president of Huaikuang Corporation. Losing his son at a young age, he only has his twin granddaughters left. He adamantlly wants Tingxuan to succeed his company. When he discovers Tingxuan's illness, he asks Du Yufeng to find the missing twin. He is also the masterpiece behind the identity switch.

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