✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Fairytale in 1/2

 Title: Fairytale in 1/2  童话二分之一/ Tong Hua Er Fen Zhi Yi / Half of Fairytale
# Episode: 26?
Genre: Modern Romance
Release Date: August 27
Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Janine Chang as Zhao Tingxuan/Zhao Tingyu, Lee Joon Hyuk as Du Yu Feng, Zhu Zixiao as Jing Wei
Zhao Tingxuan and Zhao Tingyu are identical twins separated in childhood. Due to their grandfather's senior age and the elder twin's illness, the younger twin Zhao Tingyu is forced to return to protect her family and the family business using her older twin sister's identity. During the course of her training to "become" Zhao Tingxuan, Zhao Tingyu causes major headaches to her stern and no-nonsense future brother-in-law, Du Yufeng. Despite being engaged to Du Yufeng, Zhao Tingxuan feels rather distant from her fiancée as they share a rather business-like relationship devoid of the sweetness and closeness that should exist between lovers. Zhao Tingxuan begins to envy the contentious, bickering relationship Du Yufeng has with Tingyu.  At the same time, Du Yufeng can't help himself but become attracted to Tingyu's vivacious character. Looming over the Zhao family is the threat coming from Zhao family company's CEO, Jing Qingyu. He is a amitious man who plots to oust the Zhao family. But his son, Jing Wei, has always been in love with Zhao Tingxuan.

 I won't be watching this series until I know the ending. I have a feeling I will hate how it ends...

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