In Love with Power Official Stills Part 2

While we wait for this series to come out, we can just sit back and  enjoy the pretty colors of these photos. Even though Dayu'er is the main focus of this drama, I'm sooo UNEXCITED about her character and I do expect much from Yuan Shanshan's performance. I'm certain her character will grow out of the naive and "I want to save the world" attitude eventually, but Dayu'er has been over exposed in the Chinese TV drama history. I want the focus shifted to another her sister.

Two sisters of the Mongolian Plains
A middle-aged Prince Dorgon and Dayu'er enjoying the innocent pastime of their youth.

Namuzhong and her son, Bo Ke'er. Due to the supposed scandalous love affair between the Emperor Shunzhi and his wife, Lady Donge, Bo Ke'er commits suicide over the shame of being labeled a cuckold husband
Xiao Yu'er, Dayu'er younger sister who will marry Prince Dorgon
Emperor Shunzi, Hong Taiji's 9th son
His growing infatuation with his sister-in-law, Lady Donge, will cause a rift with his mother, Dayu'er
Emperor Shunzi and his favorite concubine, Lady Donge
Concubine Donge giving birth to Emperor Shunzi's fourth son.
General Aobai, the #1 Manchurian warrior and later powerful regent for Dayu'er grandson, Kangxi
General Aobai in mourning
Dayu'er's niece. She was arranged to marry her cousin, Emperor Shunzi, but they end up having a volatile relationship. He will eventually depose her.
Concubine Jing, formerly Empress of Shunzi

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