Chen Xiao is no longer Liu Fuling in Yu Zheng's adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge

It has just been revealed on Yu Zheng's microblog that there is some drastic cast changes for his upcoming project Da Han Qing Yuan 大汉情缘, which is based on Tong Hua's novel Yun Zhong Ge. Chen Xiao will no longer portray the kind and devoted Han Dynasty emperor, Liu Fuling. Instead he will play the conniving nephew, Liu Bingyi, who would sacrifice everything for power. Liu Bingyi is  the only emperor in Chinese history to spend his early toddler years in prison and would become one of the more successful Han Dynasty rulers. Su Qing, who previously acted as the child Empress Zhang in Scheme of Beauty, will play Liu Bingyi's love interest, Xu Pingjun.

How do I feel about this role change? Ambivalent. If Zhao Liying is to play the titular role of Yun Ge, I would definitely be disappointed because I want Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying to pair up again onscreen. But I think (98% certainty) that Zhao Liying won't playing Yun Ge.  To worsen the matter, there are the wild rumors circulating that Yuan Shan Shan will play Yun Ge. Consequently, I don't give a peep about Yun Ge and Liu Fuling anymore. I was never fond of Yun Zhong Ge story in the first place because Tong Hua transformed one of my favorite Han Dyansty emperors Liu Bingyi into a petty villain. If the writer can transform the pettiness of Liu Bingyi into something more likeable, then I'll be happy. I'll just pray that the writer will beef up Chen Xiao's role. Unfortunately, the writer for Yun Zhong Ge happens to be the bad writer who wrote the poor script for Beauty without Tears. Viewers, be prepared to spit more blood!

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