New Wallace Chung's Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 11-Minute Trailer

Just when I was prying for more news on Legend of Lu Zhen, the newly released 11-minute Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils trailer caught my attention.

Trailer Link:

Random Thoughts:
-Wallace Chung's thinness is a distraction and out-of-character for Qiao Feng, but he looks better in motion than in photos.
-Zhang Meng looks quite pretty as the flower-vase Wang Yuyan
-The most beautiful character is Gao Yuan Yuan's guest cameo as Shen Xian Jie Jie.
-I'm loving every moment of Jia Jing's A'zhu
-Not much Han Dong in the trailer. Can't make a judgement on his version of Xu Zhu yet.
- Wish there was less CGI and actual physical interaction between the characters in the combat scenes. The older wuxi series are still so endearing because you can actually feel the intensity of the battle. Colorful and flashy special effects don't give much of a wuxia vibe.
-The female costumes all look like they are wearing drapery wall curtains. 

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