Legend of Lu Zhen (formerly Female Prime Minister) coming soon?

Rumors having been circulating wildly online after a major internet broadcaster Teng Xun announced that Legend of Lu Zhen will air in mid-March and even posted a "March 19th" release date. Then the official Hunan TV microblog refuted the claim and said the TV station had no intention of releasing Legend of Lu Zhen as its next primetime drama. Fortunately after some back and forth confusion today, Hunan TV microblog finally corrected itself and said chances of Legend of Lu Zhen airing this month is very HIGH!

Whenever new bits of information start to float around, my heart would flutters with uncertainty. I have been religiously following this series for an entire year and have been met with many disappointments. Hopefully this time my anticipation and excitement won't get crushed into pieces again. Though I can't vouch the March 19th release date is official but the fact that an actual date was set seems very good news to me! Coupled with the news that Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao recently participated in some photoshoot together just adds credibility to an imminent release date! I have a feeling I will be waking up very EARLY in the morning to watch this series live online when it comes out! I just don't want to wait anymore.

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