Chen Xiao reveals spoilers for Legend of Lu Zhen

In a recent interview with Teng Xun, Chen Xiao discloses quite a few important plot detail about Legend of Lu Zhen. The details are both good and bad. First, I'll reveal some non-ending tidbits. As previously revealed in the 30-minute trailer, Zhao Liying's character Lu Zhen and Yang Rong's Xiao Huanyun (Yang Rong's original character name "Xiao Guanyin" has been changed to Huanyun due to SARFT's intervention) share an uncanny resemblance to each other. When Chen Xiao's Gao Zhan falls in love with Lu Zhen, Xiao Huanyun consequently interprets that Gao Zhan has only fallen in love with Lu Zhen because the latter looks a lot like her. Chen Xiao clarifies that though the two ladies may look "alike" in the story, but Gao Zhan's love for Lu Zhen is profoundly genuine and has little to do with her physical similarity to Xiao Huanyun. He further describes Gao Zhan is not as good and "nice" as what the trailer portrays. Being a devoted lover to Lu Zhen is definitely not his only attribute. In Chen Xiao's words, Gao Zhan can be "ruthless/cruel." The guy is filled with ambition, and he strives to regain what he feels should rightfully belong to him.

When the host asked Chen Xiao to describe one memorable scene in the drama, Chen Xiao picked the candlelight scene (see photos below) because it was he who suggested to the director to film the scene being surrounded by candlelight. This scene was originally scripted to have Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen talking on the bed. Due to his candlelight suggestion, the director got extremely romantic and decided to light up the whole room with candles. Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying ended up speaking only a few lines. They both tried to act with only their eyes.

BEWARE, some ending spoiler ahead! This candlelight scene is actually one of the very last few scenes in the final episode. At this time, Gao Zhan has just succeeded in asking Lu Zhen for her forgiveness after she left him for a few years. He was also suffering from terminal illness and had little to live for except for his love for Lu Zhen. He lost his health, and has given up his power/throne. Okay, let me scream: NOOOOO~~~! These spoilers are boggling my mind with burning questions.  Does Gao Zhan end up dying? Or will we have some magic potion to save poor Gao Zhan so he can run off with Lu Zhen to live happily ever after? What on earth did Gao Zhan do to warrant Lu Zhen to leave him for a few years? Can I wildly pray that Gao Zhan faked his terminal illness to get Lu Zhen back?

Conclusion: I will still watch this drama despite some blood-spitting plot devices.

Chen Xiao's Video Interview (Legend of Lu Zhen discussion starts around 5:20):

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