Yang Zi turned wooden shooting kiss scene with Wallace Huo in Battle of Changsha

Attention to Battle of Changsha aficionados, I would like to present one funny tidbit about the shooting if you haven't learned about it already on baidu forum. I had wanted to wait until the official episode of this talk show A Very Quiet Distance to air before writing about it, but I couldn't resist the temptation to talk about it now! I just want to share the laughter. A few days ago, Wallace Huo was invited to be interviewed by famed host Li Jing. Yang Zi was the "surprised" guest.

As I mentioned in my previous Battle of Changsha post, the original script did not include a kissing scene. Wallace Huo felt the scene necessitated a more "intense" display of affection and asked Yang Zi for her consent to add a kiss. Yang Zi agreed. During shooting however, things didn't go exactly as planned.  As Wallace lowered his head for a kiss, Yang Zi got too nervous and became a wooden stick. Check out the fan recorded video below where Wallace Huo teased Yang Zi about her nervous reaction.
Shooting this scene turned Yang Zi into a piece of wood. I notice that Wallace Huo has a tendency to stroke his female co-star's face before a kiss. Some acting style never changes!
P.S. This kissing scene isn't Yang Zi's first onscreen kiss. I believe she previously filmed a kiss scene with the Korean actor Jo Hyun Jae.
Wallace imitates Yang Zi's reaction

Transcript of fan recorded video:
Wallace Huo: I was like...I was like...why on earth did she look like that?! She didn't move at all. Then the [director said] "cut." When I leaned back to take a better look [she said] "I'm so sorry! I'm sorry! Please give me another chance. I got too nervous." We tried a second time and she reacted the same way. Super cute and funny. Like this...[he imitates Yang Zi's reaction. See photo above]

Yang Zi
: Actually, during shooting when the director called out "action" and Hua Ge (Wallace's nickname meaning "Older Brother Hua") started to lean loser to me, I thought the director would say "cut." But the director ended up not saying anything. So I freaked out and didn't know what to do. What should I do? What should I do? Should I kiss him or shouldn't I kiss him?! Should I turn away or should I not turn away? So it ended up that way..."

Wallace Huo: It well went the next try. But she eventually would have to deal with these types of situations. In her future film projects, she'll have broader choices...[host interjects]

Host: Do you get to kiss your female co-star in every project?

Wallace Huo: Nope [couldn't hear what he says next]

Host: Do you always like to add extra scenes to your dramas? Like kiss scenes?

Wallace Huo: Yeah. I frequently add them, [audience laughs] if I feel there is a need for them. But I would always discuss it with my female co-stars beforehand. Like 'Do you think this will be okay?'

Host: How did your female co-stars respond?

Wallace Huo: Most would just say "Okay, let's do it!" [audience laughs] A large majority are extremely professional actresses. They usually don't mind filming these types of scenes.

Host: Yang Zi. You shouldn't have a problem now. You have practice!

Yang Zi: [couldn't make out what she said in the beginning] So next time if I still need to film kiss scenes, and if I kiss well, then I'm going to give Hua Ge a call and say "Hua Ge, Happy Collaboration!"

Wallace Huo and Yang Zi at the Battle of Changsha Producer Hou's house for the screening of the official trailer
More photos from the interview:

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