Official Sound of Desert MV devoted to Wei Wuji and Xinyue

I have always been quite envious of Xinyue and Mo Xun's shippers because they have quite a few MVs entirely dedicated to their fanship. Well...I can finally be one happy shipper now that a 5-minute MV just released and it's filled with goody scenes between Xinyue and Wei Wuji.  The vibes in this MV is a contrast to the previous two MVs where the focus was on Mo Xun. Xinyue and Mo Xun's relationship is repressed and constrained. Mo Xun.  Xinyue and Wei Wuji's relationship reminds me of two lovebirds constantly pecking at each other. Their scenes definitely exude uninhibited fun.

Wei Wuji putting his nose against Xinyue's garment/undergarment gave a pretty strong sexual innuendo. No wonder Xinyue called him a "pervert" in the original novel.
"Oh...Your dirty laundry smells pretty good"

Don't take the above captions seriously, I just couldn't help myself and added them. Anyway, I get the strong feeling Wei Wuji will end up being my favorite character in the series. This isn't at all surprising because he was my favorite character in the novel. I was never quite a fan of Mo Xun even though I feel really bad for the poor guy. My feelings for Xinyue are quite neutral. There are moments where I want to smack her and there are moments where I empathize with her situation.

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