Sound of the Desert official air date

It's finally official! I think. Multiple sources have confirmed that Sound of the Desert will officially broadcast on October 1, 2014. It's eight days earlier than the original forecast date. Can we give a sign of relief?! After two long years of waiting and waiting, the anticipation can finally be fruitful. On a side note, the Chinese name for Sound of the Desert has changed again. The original novel is titled Da Mo Yao ("Ballad of the Desert"), later due to some political sensitivity, the production team changed it to Xing Yue Chuan Qi ("Legend of Moon and Star"). Just before the broadcast, they decided to give the drama another title change. It's now officially called Feng Zhong Qi Yuan ("Fate in the Wind"). I heard Feng Zhong Qi Yuan sounds like the Chinese name for Pocahontas. LOL.

Anyway, I care less what the drama title is as long as I get to see the drama itself. Though I wish they kept the names of original characters because I really don't like the new name for Eddie Peng's character. It sounds soo cliche - Wei Wuji. Many famous characters have been called Wuji before. I have no idea why the production team give the character that name. I'm sure the creative team can come up with something better! But I should not ask too much and jinx the drama. The drama will be airing soon, so expect more new promotional materials to come out. Enjoy these new stills!

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